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Whispers of My Ancestor

Whispers #1
Whispers of my Ancestor Right
Whispers of my Ancestor Left
Whispers of my Ancestor-Right Front
We Need Your Help

The Friends of the Georgetown Library need to raise $40,000 to commission this inspired bronze sculpture and to install the work in the newly renovated Cleland Street Library with appropriate stand and lighting. The library plans to position the sculpture near the entrance to the Children’s Reading Section.  The sculpture will be anchored so that it can be touched and enjoyed by young readers.


In addition to the sculpture, there will be an etched-on-bronze copy of a letter written in 1868 by James Bowley to his Aunt Harriet in which he writes “... I with my parents were one of your first passengers from the house of bondage.”


The Friends of the Georgetown Library are planning to fund this endeavor through private donations.  Please consider contributing to this unique project.  The Friends group is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization so your contribution is tax-deductible.


You may send a check to the Library (405 Cleland Street) made out to the “Friends of the Georgetown Library” or contribute here online.  Online contributions may be made via credit card or secure ACH Bank transfer.  We suggest that you the use ACH option as this lowers our fees. Regardless of which method you use, please consider covering the processing fees.


Excited about “bringing Harriet and James back to Georgetown,”

Bob Willey, President

Details of Project

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