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The mission of the Friends of the Georgetown Library is to maintain an association of persons interested in libraries; to stimulate increased awareness and resulting use of the Georgetown Library; to stimulate increased financial support, both public and private; to support and cooperate with the Library in developing library services and facilities in the community; when asked, to help direct efforts of groups and individuals interested in the Library; to sponsor and stimulate volunteer service for the Library; and to sponsor cultural and related programs for the community.



  • LANDSCAPING PROJECT - Raising funds through Friends activities and private donations to complete the construction and renovation of the Library, specifically through the landscaping of the areas around the new Auditorium on Church Street/Route 17.  LINK FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO CONTRIBUTE


  • WHISPERS OF MY ANCESTOR PROJECT - Raising funds through Friends activities and private donations to install a commissioned sculpture entitled Whispers of My Ancestor in the Children’s Reading Area of the newly renovated Library.  The sculpture will depict Harriet Tubman helping a young James A. Bowley up a set of stairs gesturing upwards towards his future.  As stated by Wesley Wofford, the artist, “The sculpture speaks of the power of building on the foundations of those that came before us, and the long-term effects of nurturing education to uplift the next generation.”  LINK FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO CONTRIBUTE



  • Serving eight Little Free Libraries located throughout Georgetown

    • Arnett African Methodist Episcopal Church (900 North Merriman)

    • Baxters Brew House (corner of Prince and Orange Streets)

    • East Bay Park (East Bay Street by the playground)

    • Friendship Place (1423 Front Street)

    • Georgetown YMCA (529 Browns Ferry Road)

    • Maryville Elementary School (2125 Poplar Street)

    • Mount Zion Park (intersection of South Congdon and Gilbert Street)

    • Salvation Army (2401 Anthuan Maybank Drive)

  • Active partnerships with other nonprofit organizations in the Georgetown community

    • In the past year we have partnered with the Adult Learning Coaches program at the Library, the Arnett African Methodist Episcopal Church, the Baruch Institute of Coastal Ecology and Forest Science on Hobcaw Barony, Better World Books, the City of Georgetown, the Georgetown Business Association, the Georgetown County Museum, the Georgetown County School District, the Georgetown Kiwanis Club, the Georgetown Theatre Orchestra, the Georgetown YMCA, the Gullah Museum, Hampton Plantation State Historical Site, Helping Hands, the Kaminski House Museum, Miss Ruby’s Kids, North Inlet—Winyah Bay NERR, Prince George Winyah Anglican Church Plantation Tours, the South Carolina Maritime Museum, the Winyah Auditorium, and our sister Friends organizations: the Friends of the Andrews Library, the Friends of the Southern Georgetown County Library and the Friends of the Waccamaw Library.


  • Membership in the Friends is open to all individuals in sympathy with its mission.  Membership dues are paid annually.  LINK TO JOIN US.

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